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Open MRI

Ease Your MRI Fears

Midstate Radiology Associates, LLC has two open MRI units for your comfort, located in Meriden and Wallingford. Large, open MRI machines are ideal for imaging claustrophobic patients, and patients up to 550 lbs. We offer convenient appointment hours, including early morning, evening, and weekend availability.

What is an Open MRI Scan?

Open MRI, or Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a patient-friendly alternative to the traditional MRI scan. While both an Open MRI and a traditional MRI work on the same principles, patients will not be placed in a tunnel or tube.

Concerned About Claustrophobia?

We want to help you have the most relaxing MRI experience possible. We have several options to comfort you during your open MRI, including:

  • Eye masks
  • Satellite radio through headphones
  • Prism glasses that allow you to look straight up and see out of the machine
  • Emergency button
  • Family member or friend to sit in the room during exam
  • Frequent communication with technologist
  • Feet first entry for certain exams

Often times a person battling claustrophobia is able to comfortably complete the study and get the quality diagnosis they need without the assistance of pre-medication. However, some patients prefer taking a mild sedative prior to their study. Please consult with your referring physician before your schedule exam. The medication should be taken approximately one hour prior to your study in order for it to be effective at the time of the scan. You should also have someone drive you home.


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