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Digital Mammogram

Midstate Radiology Associates, LLC has three digital mammogram units, which are conveniently located in Meriden, Cheshire and Wallingford, CT. Digital mammography is an important advance in breast imaging, and we are proud to offer this service to our patients.

Digital Mammogram Advantages

A mammogram on the digital unit is similar to any other mammogram. A technologist positions the breast and uses gentle compression. The same standard views are obtained as well. However, there are a few major differences that have significantly improved breast imaging technology:

Digital Mammogram in CT

  • Instead of using a sheet of x-ray film to create an image, the digital system uses a receptor that is read by a computer to create a mammogram image. This makes it possible to view the image on a computer screen in addition to a printed version.
  • The image can be adjusted on the computer so that the detail can be improved significantly. This can reduce the need for repeat mammograms.
  • The technologist can check the mammogram image almost instantly. Therefore, it's no longer necessary to wait for the x-ray film to be developed.

Technological Developments

Most digital mammography units incorporate computer-aided diagnosis (CAD), so mammograms can be almost instantaneously analyzed by the CAD program. CAD aids the radiologist in interpreting mammograms; they mark tiny or subtle areas that might be significant and allow the radiologist to evaluate those areas even more carefully.

A major advantage of digital imaging is that the mammogram can be stored safely and indefinitely in a computer. Additionally, the images can be sent electronically, or an unlimited number of original quality mammograms can be printed.

Quality Standards

Digital mammography machines in use today have all been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. They must meet the same image quality and safety requirements that apply to all other mammography machines in use today. Digital mammograms are covered by most insurance carriers in the Connecticut region.

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