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Low Dose CT Scan


Cutting Edge Technology

Midstate Radiology Associates, LLC offers Low Dose CT Scans at our three convenient locations in Meriden, Cheshire and Wallingford. Ushering in a new era in CT imaging technology, our Lightspeed Volume CT (VCT) delivers both wide anatomical coverage and high-resolution imagery. This latest technological innovation produces unprecedented coverage speeds that allow clinicians to capture whole organs in a second, the heart in 5 beats, or go head-to-toe in under 10 seconds.

Protecting patients and staff from unnecessary radiation is one of our major concerns. Today, thanks to advanced technologies and applications, outcomes for diagnosis and intervention can be optimized while reducing radiation. We are proud to be taking another step forward in providing the highest level of diagnostic imaging services to our valued patients.

What Are The Benefits?

Due to the fact that Low Dose CT Scans are more powerful than regular CT scans, we are able to diagnose at earlier stages and without initial invasive or surgical procedures. This means earlier detection and treatment for potentially better outcomes.

Can The Radiation Exposure I Receive Cause Cancer?

The amount of radiation you are receiving is measured in millisieverts. This unit indicates a measure of how much radiation energy is absorbed in your body. There are risks associated with almost everything we do. However, radiation levels used for diagnostic CT studies are well below the levels known to cause significant elevated cancer or other radiation-related risks.

The risks of CT radiation are far outweighed by the benefits of discovering and treating a disease as early as possible. Today, we can get the same quality images with up to 40% less radiation than a few years ago. Over the years, millions of lives have been saved – and many more have been improved – by imaging studies.

Who Should Get a Low Dose CT Scan?

Low Dose CT Scans are useful ways of examining many of the body's rapidly moving organs. Patients who may benefit from this procedure include:

  • People at high risk for lung cancer
  • Patients who can’t hold their breath (trauma victims, young children, or the extremely ill)
  • Patients who require multiple radiation exposures over a long period of time
  • Children whose immature tissues can be more sensitive to radiation

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