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Hemangioma RBC Scan

Your doctor has ordered a hemangioma scan to further evaluate your liver. This scan will give more information to your doctor about the blood flow to the area of question. This scan requires 3 different types of imaging:
a. Liver spleen scan - to evaluate the best projection to demonstrate the abnormality.
b. Red blood cell liver scan - to evaluate blood flow within the liver.
c. Spect imaging - 3 dimensional image of the liver.

  1. There is no preparation for this exam.
  2. Please report to Radiology approximately 20 minutes before your scheduled time, if you have not been contacted by the Admitting Office.
  3. An I.V. will be inserted in your arm to allow for the administration of the radioisotopes.
  4. This procedure will take approximately 2 1/2 hours.
  5. Following the exam, you may resume normal activity.

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